Clients Leave When Account Teams Fail In These Areas.

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With the continued shift to project-based work, shrinking budgets and reduced timelines, it has become difficult to provide the same level of strategic impact. At the same time, agency cultures have become reactive, running from one client fire to the next.

And meanwhile, client expectations have spiked. They are demanding deeper target audience insights, strategy that cuts across a growing number of channels, and immediate business impact.

It’s no secret the strategic role of agencies is under assault.

Now, given all of this, clients are paying a premium for agencies, any type of marketing services firms for that matter, that deliver a more impactful strategic process.

To that end, it is critical that your account teams become more effective strategic partners to their clients – ultimately generating more business for the agency. Even if you have a robust strategic planning team, your account people need to have a point of view and drive the agency’s strategic resources to deliver more effective work for their clients.

In our work with agencies, here’s just a few things we look for when identifying and addressing what’s most holding back an agency as it relates to strategy. How well do your teams stack up?

Process: Do your teams practice one consistent, effective approach with every client? Do you have a process that is clearly defined, documented, trained? In other words, is it codified and scaled?

Efficiency: Are your teams wasting agency resources on multiple rounds of work because they’re not clear on their client requests, their client briefs? Are your teams in sync with your clients on every single project, before investing any resources whatsoever? The client and your team must be in-sync before you invest one minute of your agency’s resources.

Insight: How effectively are your teams able to play a role in the process of uncovering, articulating and selling insight to their clients? How efficiently and quickly are they able to do this? Are they reinventing the wheel every time?

Outcomes: Does your strategic development begin with a focus on the client’s business? Are your teams able to correlate the agency’s work to meaningful client outcomes?

There are methods your teams can apply – some from management consulting firms – to make it relatively straightforward to analyze a client’s business, understand their most important objectives, and deliver strategic work against those objectives.

Brent Hodgins

Managing Director, Mirren


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